Teshub | Bench

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Uniqueness is the flow.
Sizes: W: 160 – 190 cm D:32 cm H: 37
Material: Ancient Solid Cedar
Downloads: Care instructions for Cedar
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You can either place it in your garden and make it a part of your outdoor harmony or you can use it at home. Teshub is rot resistant and repels bugs. From the ancient times it is known to be best friends with water and resistant to rotting and bugs. That is why the best ships made before centuries were all from cedar. Its structure is a natural self-protector. It is such a durable material that you can leave it to your future generations as a legacy.

It is also resistant to stains. As tested for beetroot, coffee, red wine, organic oils, and alike, thanks to its natural and reconstructive structure, it throws out the stains. Check out the care instructions for more information.

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